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How many Month you like to donate ?

If you don’t have the EUR currency in your country, e.g. USD or SEK or any other, you can simply use the following currency exchanger to find out the real amount in your local currency: https://www.google.com/search?q=exchange+eur+to

Only one connection at the same time is allowed. Restream is not allowed. (If you don’t know what restream is, then simply ignore that wording ;))
An account with one connection means you can use and install this account on different devices but it’s not allowed to connect twice at the same time. If you watch twice at the same time, firewall might detect it and ban your account permanently. So please be careful with it!
You can install this account on different devices, e.g. living room and bedroom: If you turn off your TV in living room, wait 1-2 mins and then turn on the TV in bedroom, that’s no problem. (Or on cellphone, tablet etc.) Just make sure, do not connect twice. That’s important.

For “multi room connection” each additional line receives a discount of 15% on these prices.

Please do NOT send tokens!

And never mention the wording IPTV under your sending details or remarks, some wallets does not like IPTV !

Use coinbase.com (tutorial) while you enjoy fair and reasonable low fees.

People from Canada should use Coinberry 
(put the additional fee into calculation)

People from Scandinavian countries like Sweden should use Safello

Do NOT mention IPTV, they do not like and it might block your Account

Alternatively you can use Firi

People from Canada should use Coinberry


If you want to use Binance.com then do NOT use BTC or ETH for external transaction. Binance has huge fee’s for BTC and ETH sending’s. Please use Litecoin (LTC) under Binance.com that’s important !

BTC has huge fees, thats why we recommend ETH or even better LTC.

Do NOT send BTC to LTC address, I mean, do not mix up different coins.
If you buy LTC and want to send it, then send your LTC to the LTC address (and NOT to the BTC or ETH address).
==> e.g.: from LTC to LTC , or from ETH to ETH, or from BTC to BTC <==

If you want to arrange donation by Credit Card:

Visit https://changelly.com/buy-crypto
Just add an EUR amount (based on the validity you want) and choose one of the crypto currencies, e.g. LTC. (Please keep the fees in mind, fee need to be added on top of the total value)

Better use one of the above Safello or Coinbase, cause credit card payments is 10% or even 10-20 EUR fee which will be deducted from total amount, you would need to send more EUR and that’s why we do not recommend credit card payments via changelly.

Let me know when done/sent and I'm going to check my wallet and once the transaction turns from pending into confirmed, I'll confirm and notify it back to you 😉

You cannot copy content of this page, better build up your own ;)